Flexible Laryngoscopy-Scopes and Scope Cleaning

For scopes, PPE (mask – N95 suggested, goggles, gloves) required for ALL nasopharyngoscopies. Patients should wear a mask that is removed / pulled down ONLY when passing the scope or spraying to minimize aersol droplet transmission. With thanks from Dr. Peiyun Zhuang, a Laryngologist from Xiamen Chity, China who shared policies based on experience with a laryngology forum, here are policies for managing the dirty scope:

With PPE on, Scopes should be placed into a bag and immediately taken to the scope cleaning room, where the first stage of high level disinfection should begin to include washing the scope and going through the first 10 minute soak. Xiamen findings were that 2% glutaraldehyde or 0.55% orthophthaldahyde immersion disinfection is adequate. Use of a ported channeled scope is not advised second to cleaning concerns.

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